Ghost Lights – Volume 01 + Prototype


Volume 01 of Ghost Lights contains the first 22 scenes of the comic, printed on high quality paper!

More details about the book:

  • soft cover with perfect binding
  • B5 size (176 × 250 mm or 6.93 × 9.84 in)
  • in English
  • 128 full color pages, including:
  • 121 pages comic (scenes 01 – 22)
  • illustrations and extra pages
  • guest art by wonderful artist kandismon
  • each book purchase comes with a free print!

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Please note: The sticker sheet, “Melting” print, and Wooden Spirits charm aren’t included in the bundle but they can be purchased separately! Please scroll down to read more information about the bundle content

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✧ volume 01 + prototype ✧

A special bundle-exclusive item is the printed version of the Prototype from 2015, which I won’t sell separately anymore. Here you can still get your hands on it for a short time!

Ghost Lights Volume 01 + Prototype Bundle – 33 EUR

  • Prototype (24 pages, full color, B5 (182 x 257 mm), English, completed. comes with 2 extra postcards)
  • Ghost Lights volume 01
  • “Another Eternity” Print

Ghost Lights Volume 01 – 25 EUR

  • Ghost Lights volume 01
  • “Another Eternity” Print

This round I’m offering some second choice items, too! They’re books that have subtle printing errors or minor damage on the cover. Maybe it’s for you?

They’re in great condition and they are despite their small imperfections just as enjoyable to read! 🌿 Some examples can be seen in the product gallery.

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